Central Sort

Central sort is where all specimens are received by the pathology department.

Specimens are firstly validated for analysis by ensuring that patient demographics and sample types all match the received requesting details.

The samples undergo preparation for analysis using methods such as centrifugation and are then passed to the relevant departments.

Other duties carried out by the staff in central sort include:

  • Collection of samples from external locations.
  • Entering of patient test requests into the pathology laboratory computer system.
  • Directing paper copies of reports to the correct locations.
  • Specimens arrive at the laboratory from routes internal and external to South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Internally Externally
Pathology specimen porter Pathology van drivers
Phlebotomists Couriers
Air tube system Taxis
Trust porters District nurses
Ward staff Patients

More specific information relating to specimen transport can be obtained from the relevant laboratory department or from the analytical support manager, who can provide specific details of pick up schedules.