Classification of Critical Results

Haematology and coagulation

The following parameters should be used to assess the need to telephone haematology results:

New findings

  • White cell count greater than 30 x 109/l
  • Neutrophil count less than 1.0 x 109/l
  • Platelet count less than 50 x 109/l
  • Haemoglobin less than 75 g/L
  • INR results greater than 5.0

If results fall into the critical level but are supported by recent previous results of a similar level, these need not be telephoned except where the values are becoming more abnormal or there is a bleeding/bruising history.

If you are unsure of clinical significance, please discuss with a senior member of staff or consultant haematologist at earliest opportunity.

The on-call haematologist must be informed of:

  • All new probable acute leukaemias and chronic myeloid leukaemias
  • New patients with platelets < 20 x 109/l (not on ITU)
  • New patients with neutrophils < 0.5 x 109/l (not receiving chemotherapy)
  • New patients with haemoglobin < 80 g/L with significant spherocytes or fragments on film.