Additional Information

The location of the laboratory

The microbiology directorate operates within the pathology department at The James Cook University Hospital Middlesbrough.

Clinical advice

Clinical advice in office hours
Clinical advice may be sought from the duty medical microbiologist by contacting the microbiology secretary on 01642 282604 (ext 52604).

Clinical advice out of hours
For clinical advice the duty medical microbiologist can be contacted by the switchboard at either hospital. Please state your site and requirement to the operator to enable the correct personnel to be contacted.

Instruction for transporting samples

Within the trust samples are to be transported according to trust policy HIC28.

Transport for infectious substances by Royal Mail is subject to carriage of dangerous goods regulations 2004 and requires transport and packaging conforming to P650 Packaging.

Patients are able to carry their own specimens via their own or public transport.

Instructions for completing the request form

The ICE system will prompt the input of information throughout the request ordering process. This information is used to ensure that investigations for pathogens associated with particular clinical scenarios are performed.

ICE Requesting requires consideration of clinical information to be supplied in the ‘Yes/No’ response circle, if it is necessary to manually complete a request form, please complete all demographic and location details and relevant clinical information to be supplied on the form.

There must be three patient identifiers on both the form and the patient sample, samples that don’t have these will be rejected. Full name must be included, initials will not be accepted.

Key factors

  • Sputum transport time delay – if delay is beyond 48 hours the sample will be discarded.
  • Any Antimicrobials taken/currently taking by the patient must be mentioned at the time of test request.
  • Paediatric urines – white topped urines must reach the lab within four hours and will only be tested following prior consultation with the duty microbiologist.
  • If additional requests are needed please ring the lab within two days of testing, after this time repeat samples will be required.

Samples referred to specialist laboratories

Some samples may need to be sent to outside laboratories for specialised testing, this will be done by the microbiology laboratory. The names of referral laboratories are available if needed. If a referral laboratory has been used it will be indicated on the final report form.