Anti-Reticulin Antibody (ARA)

Alternative name:
Description: Reticulin is a term given to collagen containing connective tissues found in many different organs. Anti-reticulin antibodies may be detected occasionally as part of the autoantibody screen. They are in themselves of no significance. However, in around 50% cases they may provide evidence of unsuspected coeliac disease. Therefore all positive samples are routinely tested for anti-tissue transglutaminase.The test has only low sensitivity of coeliac diseases and is therefore not used routinely.
Indication: Test cannot be requested by users.
Interpretation: Part of autoantibody screen Indirect immunfluorescence mouse tissue (liver kidney stomach)
Sample: Serum Separator Tube (SST)
Assay details:
Restrictions: Test cannot be requested by users.
Reference range: Positive/negative
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Turnaround time: N/A
Analysing laboratory: Immunology The James Cook University Hospital