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Description: The autoantibody screen is used to detect autoantibodies characteristic of a wide range of autoimmune diseases, Autoantibodies recognising antigens in liver, kidney or stomach are detected. A test for rheumatoid factor is also carried out. The autoantibody screen detects anti-nuclear antibodies; gastric parietal cell antibodies, mitochondrial antibodies, liver-kidney microsomal and smooth muscle antibodies. A number of other autoantibodies of varying diagnostic value are also detected e.g anti-reticulin. Refer to pages defining individual autoantibodies for more information.
Indication: Initial investigation of autoimmune liver,stomach or connective tissue diseases.
Interpretation: See individual tests
Sample: Serum Separator Tube (SST)
Assay details: Indirect immunfluorescence mouse tissue (liver kidney stomach )
Reference range: Negative/positive
Assay range notes: Positive samples Titre 1:80 – >1:640
Turnaround time: 3 – 5 days
Analysing laboratory: Immunology The James Cook University Hospital