Clinical Use:
Background: The enzyme creatine kinase is present in all muscle tissue. Any trauma or damage to muscle will result in CK escaping from the cells and subsequently appearing in the plasma. Detection of increased circulating levels is therefore an indication that muscle damage has occurred. There are principally two conditions where CK estimation may be requested. These are:

  1. the investigation of heart disease and particularly myocardial infarction (MI) and
  2. the investigation of musculo-skeletal diseases such as muscular dystrophy.
Reference Ranges: Male: 40 – 320 U/L
Female: 25 – 200 U/L
Associated Diseases:
Patient Preparation:
Specimen Requirements: Sample type:

  • Serum or Lithium Heparin Plasma.

Sample identification:

  • Three patient identifiers from
    • Name
    • D.O.B.
    • Address
    • N.H.S. number
    • Unit Number

    should match on the specimen and request form. This check may be performed prior to centrifugation by the Central Sort department.

Turnaround Time: 2 hours
Additional Information:
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