IgA Antibody

Alternative name:
Description: These poorly characterised autoantibodies are found in IgA deficient patients where they can be the cause of blood transfusion reactions because of their interaction with the IgA in the transfusion. The laboratory will automatically send away samples for this test in any patient sample identified to be IgA deficient.Patients having these autoantibodies will be provided with cards to identify the fact that they are at risk from transfusion.
Indication: Possible cause of transfusion reactions in IgA deficient patients.
Interpretation: Positive results suggests possibility of reactions on transfusion of blood or blood products.These assays are problematic and transfusions in patients with IgA deficiency but no detectable anti-antibodies should also be monitored closely.
Sample: Serum Separator Tube (SST)
Assay details: Haemagglination
Restrictions: Referred test
Reference range: Negative/positive
Assay range notes: Positive samples titred
Turnaround time: 28 days
Analysing laboratory: NBS