NICE Technology Appraisal

New drugs and technology are developing all the time so it is important that support and advice is available for doctors for delivering quality, safety and efficiency in the use of medicines.


NICE – the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence – produces evidence-based guidance, including technology appraisals, on the use of specific medicines and technologies in the NHS.

This list of recommendations is produced after NICE has reviewed both clinical and economic evidence on the use of particular drugs and devices:

  • Clinical evidence measures how well the medicine or treatment works, while
  • Economic evidence measures how well the medicine or treatment works in relation to how much it costs the NHS – does it represent value for money?

The NHS is legally obliged to fund and resource medicines and treatments recommended by NICE’s technology appraisals, many of which are often considered the international gold standard.

South Tees medicines formulary

Our trust is committed to ensuring that NHS patients have access to clinically and cost-effective drugs and technologies and has its own drug formulary underpinning the safe and effective use of medicines for patients.

Medicines with links to NICE