Guisborough Hospital Community Outpatient Physiotherapy

Guisborough Hospital entranceWe are a small, friendly and well established department situated within Guisborough Primary Care Hospital.

There is a free parking at the front and the rear of the hospital. Please always leave plenty of time to park during busy periods.

Opening times

For enquiries Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Treatments availableGuisborough physio cubicle

(Following assessment the physiotherapist will offer the treatments they consider most appropriate based on their clinical judgement).

    • Home exercise plans
    • One to one supervised movement re-education sessions
    • Biofeedback
    • Sports injury Guisborough physio machinesassessment and management
    • Post-surgical / fracture rehabilitation
    • Mobility assessments
    • Balance and proprioception training
    • Spinal mobilisation
    • Soft tissue manipulation
    • Postural and ergonomic advice
    • Acupuncture
    • Electrotherapy
    • Provision of joint supports, and walking aids
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Contact us

Guisborough Primary Care Hospital
TS14 6HZ
Tel: 01642 835709

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