Your electronic patient record - a patient’s guide

Your electronic patient record and the sharing of information

Our service uses a secure electronic system called SystmOne to record your clinical data. With your permission we can share medical information held with other NHS care services that also use SystmOne.

At your assessment, we will need you to consider and respond to the following questions.

1. Do you consent to the information recorded at this service being shared with other NHS care services?


2. Do you consent to the information recorded at other NHS care services being shared with this service?


Your consent (YES) or dissent (NO) applies to any NHS service using SystmOne where you are currently receiving care or have received care in the past. You can change your sharing options at any time – just speak to a member of staff at the service.

Please note: You can still request individual entries in your record to be marked as “Private”. These will not be visible at any care service other than the one that recorded the information.

Please also note: In some serious situations, for example if you are unconscious, clinicians will be able to access your electronic record without first asking permission. Use of this is monitored.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the sharing of electronic information.

A more comprehensive leaflet is available. For a PDF leaflet, please click the following link.

Patient sharing consent (276kb)
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