What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is any technique that involves moving and then seeing the effects of that movement, for instance, smiling into a mirror is a form of biofeedback. You contract your muscles  in your cheeks, the mirror provides the feedback, and the feedback is the resultant image of the smile. Using a mirror is a common and easily accessible form of biofeedback that you can use at home to help restore normal function in many parts of the body.

Of course there are more complicated forms of biofeedback that we use in clinic to help to restore normal movement.

Unicam biofeedbackUnicam Biofeedback

This consists of a software package and two highly sensitive pressure pads. They can be used in a variety of ways to help with a wide range of movement dysfunctions. This can include problems of the knees, ankles and feet, neck, low back, shoulders and core stability. It is extremely versatile and can give you something to aim for while you progress through your rehabilitation.

WiiWii biofeedback One Life gym

In our physiotherapy department we take pride in our early adoption of new technologies to help in rehabilitation. We have been using the Wii system for many years now with a projector in our gym at One Life. It can be very helpful in rehabilitation of lower limb problems and proprioception. We also occasionally use the Wii to help in rehabilitation of the upper limb.




Pressure Biofeedback Cuff

This looks like a machine for taking blood pressure but it is used in a different way. It  can be used to help you to see if the correct muscles are working in the neck and low back while you are doing your exercises within the department.

BiodexRedcar Biodex

The Biodex is a computerised method of both measuring and challenging your balance in a graded and controlled way. Difficulty can be adjusted to your individual needs and you can see your progress on a screen.


I feel I need more support

If you’re in the Middlesbrough area, Middlesbrough Council has a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support. Please see link here.

For those in the Redcar and Cleveland area, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council also provide a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support. Please see link here for more details.

These schemes are a good stepping stone if you feel that you need  a little more ongoing support to help you once you have completed your course of physiotherapy. Please talk to your physiotherapist if you would like to be referred to one of the services and they will recommend to your GP that you are referred to the scheme if it is appropriate.

Please see the attached PDF leaflets below for more information.

For patients in the Middlesbrough area

Health through activity (251kb)
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For patients in the Redcar and Cleveland area

Redcar and Cleveland exercise referral scheme (520kb)
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