What are Individualised Gym Programmes?

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Your physiotherapist may prescribe a gym programme for you in one of our gyms, located at Cleveland Health Centre, One Life Centre Middlesbrough, Redcar Primary Care Hospital, East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital and Guisborough Primary Care Hospital. At our main departments we have a range of exercise machines and equipment to aid you in your rehabilitation goals.

Is this safe?

Yes, it is safe when recommended following a thorough verbal and physical assessment by your Physiotherapist. Your Physiotherapist will take into consideration all aspects of your general health and normal daily activities and will monitor your progress closely.

How many sessions can I have in the gym?

Our gym programmes should be seen as a stepping stone towards independence and as such we will prescribe a predetermined number of sessions for you to attend. When a gym programme has been prescribed, it is usually with the plan that you will carry on your rehabilitation either within another leisure centre/community based  gym or other environment of your choosing.

I feel I need more support

If you’re in the Middlesbrough area, Middlesbrough Council has a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support. Please see link here.

For those in the Redcar and Cleveland area, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council also provide a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support. Please see link here for more details.

These schemes are a good stepping stone if you feel that you need  a little more ongoing support to help you once you have completed your course of physiotherapy. Please talk to your physiotherapist if you would like to be referred to one of the services and they will recommend to your GP that you are referred to the scheme if it is appropriate.

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