What are Joint Supports and Walking Aids?

After assessment, if your physiotherapist feels that it is appropriate they may recommend provision of a walking aid or joint support.

zimmer frame one lifeWalking aids

This includes walking sticks, crutches, zimmer frames and walkers. Some walking aids have moulded grips (Fischer grip) for those who have trouble with their hands and wrists. Prior to your assessment, you may be contacted by telephone and asked about your height and weight.

This is to ensure that your walking aid is adequate for your needs and safe. You will always be measured by the physiotherapist or assistant to ensure that the appropriate walking aid is the correct height for you.

A walking aid adjusted to the wrong height can cause back pain, neck pain and shoulder problems. You will also be shown how to use the walking aid safely. The walking aid is yours to keep as long as you need it and there is no fee to pay, but you will be expected to return the item should you no longer need them in the future.



Joint supportssplints

We stock and supply a small range of joint supports, including wrist and thumb splints, gel insoles, tennis elbow clasps and knee straps. We do not have a wide range of supports because there is little evidence to say that they provide significant benefit in most cases.

It is believed that some supports can cause problems by restricting normal movement of the joints causing stiffness pain and weakness. This is particularly relevant in cases of chronic low back pain and neck pain.

There are, however, some exceptions and if, after assessment, your Physiotherapist feels that you will benefit from using a joint support, they will provide you will the support and explain how to safely and effectively use it.




I feel I need more support

If you’re in the Middlesbrough area, Middlesbrough Council has a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support. Please see link here.

For those in the Redcar and Cleveland area, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council also provide a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support. Please see link here for more details.

These schemes are a good stepping stone if you feel that you need  a little more ongoing support to help you once you have completed your course of physiotherapy. Please talk to your physiotherapist if you would like to be referred to one of the services and they will recommend to your GP that you are referred to the scheme if it is appropriate.

Please see the attached PDF leaflets below for more information.

For patients in the Middlesbrough area

Health through activity (251kb)
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For patients in the Redcar and Cleveland area

Redcar and Cleveland exercise referral scheme (520b)
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