What is Post Surgical/Fracture Rehabilitation?


This is rehabilitation that occurs following surgery. This could be for many types of surgery including, but not limited to joint replacements, spinal surgery and arthroscopies. You may also be sent for rehabilitation after a fracture (breaking a bone) whether this has required surgery, a cast or sometimes when it does not require any support. Your physiotherapist will assess your condition and discuss this with you. In post surgical rehabilitation, the majority of the time the physiotherapist will follow a protocol, written by the surgeon and his team. This will guide the Physiotherapist on how best to manage and progress your condition.

What is a protocol?

This is a guide that lets us know how to progress your rehabilitation when the details of your surgery and general health fit into a “normal” bracket. All physiotherapists use protocols as a guide. As patients will have individual needs and may have complex medical histories, the protocols may need to be adapted by your physiotherapist. This is why we will sometimes bring you back into clinic, even though you may feel that you can easily do your exercises by yourself.

How often will I need to attend physiotherapy after my surgery and for how long?

This depends on many different factors, including but not limited to, the kind of surgery you have had, your general health and your normal daily activities. It also depends on how well you adhere to your exercise programme. If you do not follow the advice given and exercise plans, then you will compromise your recovery which will take longer.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is safe when recommended following a thorough verbal and physical assessment by your physiotherapist. Our physiotherapists are highly trained and they are all suitably experienced, having previously worked on the orthopaedic and surgical wards. We maintain good communication with consultants across the area and will also liaise with your GP when required. This ensures that your rehabilitation is safe and appropriate.

I feel I need more support

If you’re in the Middlesbrough area, Middlesbrough Council has a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support.

For those in the Redcar and Cleveland area, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council also provide a range of programmes to give you varying degrees of support.

These schemes are a good stepping stone if you feel that you need  a little more ongoing support to help you once you have completed your course of physiotherapy. Please talk to your physiotherapist if you would like to be referred to one of the services and they will recommend to your GP that you are referred to the scheme if it is appropriate.

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