What is Therapeutic Supportive Strapping?

After a thorough assessment, your physiotherapist may feel that it is appropriate to use therapeutic strapping.

Many different taping methods can be used for specific individual problems. The application of the tape and the technique used may be different depending on the reasoning process of your physiotherapist. Because every individual is different, with their own unique problems, there is no truly ‘correct’ method of applying tape.

If taping or strapping is deemed appropriate, your physiotherapist will apply the tape with the aim of limiting unwanted movement at a joint, offloading a structure where a weakness has been identified or to provide a reminder to the patient to move in a very specific way.

What will I have to do?

If taping or strapping is used, it will be in conjunction with a speficially targeted and individualised exercise programme which you must complete at home if you wish to see the best long term gains from your physiotherapy intervention.

Please inform your physiotherapist if you have any allergies to tape / strapping.

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