Poster Guidelines

If your work has been selected for poster presentation, please adhere to the following specification:

  • Size – Standard 16:9 PowerPoint slide (this is 33.87cm wide and 19.05cm high if using another application)
  • Orientation – landscape

Poster design tips

  • The title should be at the top in large letters
  • Your goal is to convey a clear message with a combination of images and short blocks of text
  • Every element, including graphs and tables should be easily readable from within a Teams or Zoom meeting
  • We strongly recommend undertaking a trial run in either Zoom or Teams with friends or colleagues in advance of submission, to ensure readability
  • From our experience the main body of text should be no smaller than size 16 font
  • Posters should be submitted in either PDF or PowerPoint format

On the day

  • Attendees will be invited to present for five minutes to at least two consultant judges. There will be one minute for the judges to ask questions
  • Groups of presenters will be subdivided into virtual rooms – this ensures that all get an opportunity to present