Other Sleep Studies

As well as the overnight inpatient studies, there are also a number of highly complex studies which are carried out or set up during the daytime as follows:

Osler (Oxford sleep resistance)

This test is performed on the ward during the daytime and consists of four forty minute testing sessions throughout the day during which the patient is asked to lay on the bed in a quiet, darkened room and press a button when a light comes on. This is a measure of the ability to maintain wakefulness.

Actiwatch and sleep diary

This study is used to assess the patients sleeping pattern eg when they are awake and when asleep.

It is worn like a watch and measures arm movements. This is reviewed with the patients sleep diary after a period of one or two weeks used at home.

Overnight Oximetry


This is a recording of pulse (heart rate) and oxygen levels in the blood. This test is carried out at home overnight usually prior to seeing the consultant for the first time or prior to attendance at an annual CPAP review appointment. The appointment is arranged through the Medical Physics department and the patient will come to the hospital to collect the equipment at the arranged time and use it at home. With the equipment being returned back to the trust the following day for analysis of the sleep data.

Home Respiratory Sleep Study (limited channel polysomnography)


This study is a limited nocturnal polysomnography recording (excluding EEG that is Brain sleep activity) which is given out in the sleep clinic for the patient to use in their own homes. The information is downloaded the following morning when the patient returns the equipment to the hospital for analysis.