Facts about Smoking

In a cigarette there are over 4,000 toxic chemicals that enter your body every time you light up. These include:

  • Acetaldehyde – Found in adhesives and plastics
  • Acetone – Found in nail varnish remover and cleaning solutions
  • Butane – Found in Lighter fluid, rubber and various fuels
  • Carbon Monoxide – Found in car exhaust gas and boilers
  • Cresol –Used in explosives
  • DDT– Found in banned pesticides
  • Hydrazine – Used for rocket fuel
  • Lead 210 – Found in radioactive material
  • Methanol – Used for Jet fuel
  • Methyl ethyl ketone – Used in glues and hair spray
  • Nitric acid – This chemical is highly corrosive
  • Sulphuric acid – Is found in acid rain
  • Tar – Used in paths and sealants for ships
  • Nicotine – Used in insecticides