Outpatient Clinics

The spinal cord injury centre (SCIC) offers outpatient clinics which are led by various medical staff.

The clinics are held at the SCIC and at outreach clinics based at Blyth Community Hospital and Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle. Patients will be offered appointments at appropriate clinics.

Patients should contact their consultant or specialist nurse Specialist Nurse Contact Information if they have any queries relating to the clinics available.

Clinic name and lead name Frequency Location
Baclofen refill clinic – Mr Mecci Every Monday SCIC
Andrology clinic – Dr Aung First Monday of every month SCIC
Spasticity review clinic – Dr Aung Last Monday of every month SCIC
Spasticity injection clinic – Dr Aung Second and fourth Monday of every month SCIC
Outpatient review clinic – Dr Aung Every Tuesday SCIC
Outpatient review clinic – Mr Mecci Every Wednesday SCIC
Urology review clinic – Mr Fulford Every other Wednesday SCIC
Outpatient outreach clinic – Dr Aung First Wednesday each month Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle
Outpatient outreach clinic – Mr Mecci Fourth Thursday each month Blyth Community Hospital
Hand clinic – Mr Mecci Every four weeks SCIC
Pressure sore clinic – Mr Mecci & Mr Siddiqui Every four weeks SCIC
Physio-led respiratory clinic – Physiotherapist Ad-hoc (Once of month) SCIC
Psychology outpatient clinic – Dr Drummond and Dr Smith Once a week SCIC
Piles injection clinic – Mr Mecci Ad-hoc SCIC
Drop-in clinic – via consultant or specialist nurse Monday to Friday SCIC