Patient Story

George McGee, the driving force behind the youth side of trials for Guisborough and District Motor Cycle Club, collapsed at home in August and broke two vertebrae in his neck.George on spinal unit

But he is now fighting his way back to health in The Golden Jubilee regional spinal cord injuries centre at The James Cook University Hospital.

George said: “I owe a huge debt of thanks to my surgeon Mr Asif Al-Rawi who did the operation, and my consultant Mr Mecci.

“I am also receiving tremendous amount of help from the physio team, who are working me very hard, both in the pool and with walking exercises. But they all realize how much I want to walk out of here.”

Although still terrorising the ward with his go faster wheelchair at present, he is also inspiring other patients with his work ethic!

And the hard work is paying dividends as he can now walk along the corridor with the team unaided and the team have already been trying him up and down stairs.

Confidence growing by the day now, he is even planning the coming season’s social events for the youth side.

Guisborough DMC are sending a donation to the unit in recognition of George’s care.