Mission, Values and Focus

Therapeutic care vision

To provide a full range of therapeutic interaction to all  patients and colleagues  whilst maintaining respect for the individuality, confidentiality and dignity of all. We will keep patients at the centre of everything we do by championing the 6Cs in every interaction. We will continuously improve quality and develop therapeutic support @South Tees into our local community.

This vision for the NHS for the next 10 years is that of High Quality Care for All (DOH, 2008).

In line with that, this programme aims to:

  • Enhance quality of care – providing the highest standard of care to enable more informed choice by patients
  • Enhance the patient experience – listening and acting to their views
  • Enhance partnership working with staff – including a bespoke service in partnership with the Trust security team whereby Senior Therapeutic Care Support Workers attend Rapid security call outs. This has proven to be very successful showing a reduction in ongoing escalations of behaviour and the number of patients requiring long term security presence.

Team values

The values governing therapeutic care include the following:

  • To provide the highest standards in all relationships with patients, staff, relatives and the local community.
  • To foster a climate which encourages innovation and diligence amongst staff
  • Ensure staff are valued for the roles they do and outcomes that they achieve

Team focus

  • Assessing patients’ unmet needs, with physical and emotional needs taking an equal balance.
  • Exploring reasons why a patient’s behaviour has changed to be able to identify triggers.
  • Promoting a 6Cs centred approach to care that will include social interaction and the benefits of emotional companionship.
  • Creating role models for therapeutic care as an essential requirement for the patients, who are not afraid to challenge the norm.
  • Demonstrating leadership in promoting positive language and how to talk about, and to, our patients and each other.
  • Empowering non-medical staff to enhance patient experience in hospital.