Frequently Asked Volunteering Questions

What wards can I go onto?

During the volunteer induction process, you will discuss your volunteering placement with the therapeutic support programme team. A mutual decision will be made as to the most appropriate area for you to volunteer. If you have a specific area of interest, please inform the team when you attend your first training event.

Are there any areas I can’t go to?

There are a small number of departments within the trust that volunteers cannot support. These areas will be discussed with you during your volunteer induction process.

What do I wear? Are there any changing facilities on site?

Volunteer uniforms differ depending on the role. Please see uniform details below:

Therapeutic care volunteers, wayfinder volunteers, administration volunteers, neonatal volunteers:

  • Burgundy polo shirt (provided)
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes

Macmillan volunteers:

  • Green polo shirt (provided)

Chaplaincy volunteers:

  • No uniform required

How old do you need to be to volunteer?

All volunteers must be aged 16+

Can I volunteer on A&E?

  • Yes, however all volunteers within this department must be aged 18+

How long does the recruitment process take and what does this involve?

The recruitment process for volunteering consists of:

  1. Completion of application form
  2. Two successful references
  3. Completed DBS check
  4. Occupational health clearance
  5. All mandatory training

There is no exact timescale for the recruitment process to be completed as this process is based on each individual application.

Only when all of the above elements are completed, will you be able to commence your volunteering role within the trust.

Do I need to pay parking?

Volunteers are eligible for free parking on the Trust sites.

Will there be any training? If so, how long will it last?

Yes, you are expected to attend/complete two training elements:

  • One day of training on site
  • Mandatory training (online)

Will I get my travel expenses paid for?

No, travel expenses are not paid for by the trust.

How much time do I need to give and how often?

Any time that you can give to volunteering is greatly appreciated. Volunteer roles differ when it comes to commitment required, but at least two hours per week is generally expected.

Can I volunteer on a weekend?

Yes, however, you must volunteer for at least four weekday sessions (between 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday) before volunteering on a weekend.

Will I be left to volunteer on my own?

You will be allocated support for your first couple of volunteering sessions until, and only if, you feel comfortable to volunteer alone.

Will my volunteering hours be recorded?

Yes, all volunteers must use the sign in/sign out system and all hours are logged onto a central database.

Can I use my volunteering role for a placement at college?

No, unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for college placements

My relative is on a ward, can I go and visit her whilst I am volunteering?

No, as a volunteer, you are unable to visit relatives/friends whilst completing you volunteering role. However, the trust does now support open visiting which means that you would be able to visit your relative/friend at any time outside of your volunteering hours.

Can I do my volunteering on the children’s ward or maternity?

Yes, we have a number of volunteers on the maternity and children’s wards within The James Cook University Hospital.

Is work experience the same as the volunteering programme?

Work experience is a structured programme which supports one to five day placements in specific areas within the hospital. You are unable to complete more than five days on the work experience programme.

As a volunteer, we ask for a minimum commitment of six months for the role and you can volunteer as much or as little as you like.

Are there any opportunities for admin volunteers?

Yes, we have a number of administration volunteers within the trust supporting departments within the hospital.