Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies offered at the Trinity Holistic Centre include aromatherapy, acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, reflexology and reiki.

Since January 2014, the centre has been expanding to include a bedside service, offering inpatients the opportunity to enjoy short hand, foot or head massages.

Helen Boal, a complementary therapy patient at Trinity Holistic Centre

Helen Boal, a complementary therapy patient at Trinity Holistic Centre

This has helped to relax and brighten the days of the people who need a hospital stay as part of their cancer treatment or treatment for other long-term conditions or injuries.

Therapies are not an alternative to orthodox treatment. They are used to support you through conventional treatment.

The centre welcomes feedback from all patients and regularly make changes or improvements to the support and treatments on offer based on what people who use the services say.

“We don’t just provide complementary therapies. We provide a bit of TLC at a really difficult time, or relief from some of the uncomfortable symptoms of cancer and the side effects of cancer treatments. We work hand-in-hand with clinicians to support and complement patients’ treatment. We only offer complementary therapies with the support and consent of your clinical team.”

Centre manager

If you wish to access the complementary therapy services, you will first have a personal appointment with a therapist, who will guide you through the possible offers and give you choices of therapies you might like to try that could help with your particular needs.

Click on the links at the left to find out more about the different complementary therapies we offer. Leaflets can be translated into different languages or provided in an audio format within 48 hours.

Did you know, both men and women can experience hot flushes as a result of hormone treatments for prostate and breast cancer?
Clinicians at The James Cook University Hospital are referring a growing number of men in particular for auricular acupuncture, to relieve this particularly unpleasant side effect. Some people can be up all night with this particular symptom, which means neither they or their partner get much sleep. When this happens day after day, it can be exhausting. But both men and women have reported much improved hot flush symptoms, using something called the Hot Flush Daily Interference Scale.