Emotional and Psychological Support

Counselling, group therapy and carer support are among the emotional and psychological services available at Trinity Holistic Centre.

In addition, all our volunteers are trained to listen, so whenever you drop in for a cup of tea or coffee, you can be sure to meet a number of friendly and compassionate professionals, who are there to listen and to help if you feel like a chat.

We work with a clinical psychologist to provide counselling services tailored to children and young people and adults, whether patients or relatives of patients.

Advice and information from trained volunteers is also available to carers, as well as emotional and social support including active listening and counselling.

Carers can also access a range of complementary therapies.

You can also access more information about a range of wellbeing projects and support groups which promote psychological health as well as physical health, including stress management, meditation, spirituality, hypnotherapy and look good, feel better.

Counselling services are discreet and our patients’ dignity and privacy and that of their families are paramount.

Your counsellor will not tell you what to do or advise you. They will give you the opportunity to talk about
what you think, how you feel and help you to work out what you want for yourself.

Counselling sessions last up to 60 minutes. The number of sessions you need will be discussed between you and your counsellor, but we can offer you up to six free sessions.

“Without the centre I could not have made psychological and physical improvements through treating side effects of my treatment.” – Holistic centre patient

The Trinity Holistic Centre is also home to a number of support groups, including breast and bowel cancer support and operation walnut – a prostate cancer group.

These are extremely popular, offering patients a chance to talk to others going through similar experiences.

For more information on counselling, please see our leaflet, which can be translated or provided in audio form within 48 hours.