Acute Assessment Unit

Lots of our emergency adult inpatients can be managed safely and appropriately within daytime hours without needing to be admitted to a hospital bed for an overnight stay.

Acute Assessment Units ensure the safe, effective management of these patients through a rapid process delivered by a skilled workforce.

The avoidance of unnecessary long stays in hospital not only improves the quality of patient care and experience but also reduces occupied bed days in hospitals.

The Acute Assessment Unit at James Cook Hospital is based on Ward 15.

The acute assessment process provides:

  • Telephone triage for GPs requiring acute assessment for their patient
  • Direct access to AEC or next day for appointment
  • Rapid assessment and treatmentAcute assessment unit
  • Specialty team support
  • Access to highly skilled therapies team
  • Rapid access to community services health and social care
  • Improved patient experience and outcomes
  • Transformed acute care processes
  • Release in-patient beds
  • Direct access to specialty beds

Our front of house service combines ambulatory emergency care, acute assessment and an acute medical unit with a robust medical team including nurse practitioners, acute medical physicians and therapists.

The AAU is located next to the emergency and x-ray departments for fast access to diagnostics.

Contact us

Contact ward 15, Ambulatory Emergency Care and the Acute Assessment Unit on  01642 854515 or 01642 856415.

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