Childcare vouchers

We promote the use of Fideliti childcare vouchers which can provide a saving for you while paying for your childcare.

About the scheme:

  • Childcare vouchers are an employee benefit aimed at helping working parents pay for their childcare costs.
  • The scheme allows employees to exchange up to £243 per month, directly from their gross salary – before tax and national insurance are deducted to pay for childcare costs.
  • This allows employees to save up to approximately £933 per year. If both parents join the childcare voucher scheme potential savings of up to £1,866 can be made!
  • If you are an employer you can potentially save up to £402 per annum on your employer National Insurance Contributions, for each employee that joins the scheme and takes childcare vouchers.

For further information please contact the provider Fideliti on 0800 2888727 or visit the website