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The Sunshine (or Baby) Room

The Baby Room cares for children aged six weeks to one year. The ratio is one adult to three children, the room holds a maximum of 12 babies per day. The babies are actively involved in many hands-on learning experiences including painting, water and sand play. The baby room consists of a main play area, changing room, sleep room and messy play/feed room and has its own area for outdoor play.

The Tweenie Room

The Tweenie Room caters for children aged from 12 months to 18 months. The ratio is one adult to three children the room holds a maximum 12 children per day. The children enjoy all aspects of play that they are able to access freely, promoting choice in their preferred area / way of learning. From painting, drawing, sand and water play, quiet time in the book area, singing sessions, to imaginative play in the home corner.

The Ladybird Room

The Ladybird Room cares for children from 18 months to two years. The ratio is one adult to three children and the room holds a maximum of 15 children per day. The children participate in varied activities during the day, ranging from outdoor play to water and sand play, book corner, home corner and large and small construction areas.

The Stepping Stones Room

The Stepping Stones Room provides a friendly well-resourced atmosphere for two to three year old children to enjoy and achieve in a stimulating environment. The ratio of children in this room is one adult to four children holding maximum of 20 children per day. The room is designed to enhance learning experiences across the seven areas of learning, providing a place for critical thinking, a messy play area, a place to explore, a place to imagine, a cosy corner to read and a place for mark making and creating. The outdoor environment is accessed everyday taking full advantage of the area for larger physical play. At two years your child will attend a two year progress check by their health visitor. Your child’s key worker will be more than happy to share your child’s development assessment so you can share this information with your health visitor. We strive to work in partnership with other professionals and support multi agency working.

The Little Learners

The Little Learners Room caters for 27 children a day aged three to five years. The ratio in this room is 1 adult to 8 children. Each key worker identifies their key children’s next steps and these are evident on the weekly plans to ensure that every child is provided with an appropriate curriculum which is stimulating and challenging. As children develop they are offered opportunities to enhance their critical thinking skills and will participate in adult led and child initiated learning. All children are encouraged to talk through, test and make amendments to their play ideas to consolidate their understanding. We have a wide range of resources available for the children to access and children will participate in both self-chosen and adult led activities to support their development. When your child leaves us to go to school or nursery we send them a summative assessment with a short written report to support partnership working.

Dining Room

For the older children we have a dining room in the nursery where they can enjoy their meals together. We offer a varied daily menu.

Outdoor Play

We have a big outdoor play area with a range of equipment and activities which can be accessed every day (weather permitting). The baby room has it’s own smaller outdoor play area.