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What are the benefits of using the Playdays day nursery?

  • The nursery is based on the James Cook siteChildren playing with building blocks at Playdays Day Nursery
  • We have a drop off/pick up bay outside the building
  • We open from 6.45am
  • We offer competitive rates
  • We offer flexible sessions to help you plan around your work commitments – our booking forms enable flexibility for staff who work shifts and we can change booked days /sessions for work reasons (eg if shift has changed) as long as ratios and capacities allow
  • We can also provide emergency childcare for staff who do not use the nursery whose current childcare arrangements may have broken down or for people coming on site to deliver training or attend meetings

 What is the ratio of staff to children?

  • Children under two years 1:3
  • Children aged two to three years 1:4
  • Children aged three to five years 1:8

Who can use the nursery?

The nursery is convenient for staff working on site – we have a drop off bay outside the building and flexible sessions can be booked to work around shifts – but it can also be used by staff from other trust sites, staff from other health organisations such as TEWV, NEAS, the air ambulance and clinical commissioning groups and employees from partner organisations such as Serco and Middlesbrough Council as long as they work on an NHS site.

When does a child need to be registered?

In order to register your child onto our waiting list you need to complete a waiting list form that requires a £15 non-refundable registration fee. The fee must be paid at the cashier’s desk at James Cook (near north entrance) and returned to the nursery with the waiting list form. We encourage people to come and see us as soon as possible and have a look around. We will then contact you three months before you are due back to work to let you know if there are places available.

How long has the nursery been open?

Playdays has been on the James Cook site since 2002. Before this the nursery was based at West Lane and was known as South Tees Day Nursery.

What qualifications do the staff have?

All staff have level 3 childcare qualifications and above as well as first aid training.

What is the nursery’s OFSTED rating?

The nursery was rated as “Good” in it’s last OFSTED report. You can view the full report by visiting the OFSTED website.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We promote the use of childcare vouchers which can provide a saving for you while paying for your childcare. For further information South Tees Hospitals staff should contact the provider Fideliti on 0800 2888727 or via the website www.fideliti.co.uk. We also use external voucher providers.

Can I get any help with costs?

Nursery education grant (NEG) – Your child will be eligible for 15 hours of free education term time only. The grant is available the term following your child’s third birthday. Further information can be obtained from the nursery managers.

Achieving 2 year olds – Your child may be eligible for 15 hours free education if you are in receipt of certain benefits to check for eligibility please contact the Family Information Centre 01642 354200.

How many children can you accept at any one time?

Playdays day nursery can take up to 86 children a day.