Connected – staying connected with family, friends and colleagues

Social support and connectedness provide opportunities for emotional understanding, problem solving and acceptance – these help us to cope.

Some workers may be unable to see loved ones due to isolation and social distancing measures. Some workers may unfortunately be subject to avoidance by their families or communities due to stigma and fear. Electronic or digital means of communication can be helpful, alongside sharing with peer groups and colleagues who may be having similar experiences.

Can you identify your sources of social support? For example, peers, colleagues, family, friends, partners, community groups, spiritual/faith groups.

See our list of useful phone numbers and list of useful websites for other sources of support.

You can also call our phone line if you’d like to talk to somebody.

Team connectedness

More friction can occur in teams during times of stress.

Everybody’s reaction to the situation may be different and none are right or wrong.

Doing our best to remain civil and supportive to one another will help us manage this situation together.