Space for you

During the COVID-19 pandemic, staff across The James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, have a space they can visit to take some time out, relax and collect their thoughts.

The ‘wobble room’ – COVID unit

This is a space in the COVID-19 area of James Cook staff can visit to relax, collect their thoughts and take time out when it becomes too much for them.

It’s a quiet, comfortable area where staff can sit, have drink and where needed, speak to someone. For example, staff can request to see a medical psychologist who will sit and listen to them.

There is a book for staff to leave comments about how they find the benefits of being able to use the room.

Restful thinking zone – Theatres

A space set up by in theatres by the staff in the operating department as an area for staff to take time out when needed.

The living room – Non-COVID unit

This relaxation area has been set up in the non-COVID area of the hospital, at Costa Coffee, by the therapeutic care volunteers. The ‘living room in a box’ was given to us by Camerados, the organisation that set up a teepee on site last year.

The living room is a space for staff to sit and take five minutes from the clinical area and has been given a homely feel with wipeable comfy seats and fairy lights. It also provides an opportunity for staff to connect with each other and chat. It’s open 24 / 7.