Patient/carer constituency

The trust recognises the importance of the patient and carer relationship and has a patient/carer constituency.

Elaine Lewis

I have been associated with The James Cook University Hospital for many years and three generations of my family have been patients in the hospital.

I have previously been a governor for two terms. Whilst a governor I worked every Tuesday for four years on ward 34 as an NHS therapeutic volunteer. This gave me a practical insight into the day to day running of the trust. I attended many board meetings as an observer to better understand the working of the trust.

I shall continue to take an intelligent interest in the working of the trust and aim to diligently promote the best interests of the patients and carers within the trust.

John Noel Fordham

During my career as a rheumatologist at the trust I appreciated the need for timely medical assessment and continued supervision and support in the community.

Retirement and taking on the role of carer to my parents, thus experiencing the NHS from the “outside looking in”, has illustrated stresses in the service. As a patient the need for easy access to members of the team has been important.

There is a requirement for clear lines of communication to optimise patient care. There is also often a need for education and to some extent training support for service users. This is a role I had as a member of the local Arthritis Care and the NOS Support groups.

As a board member of the NOS I also supported educational activities for patients and staff I have promoted awareness of patient literacy and the need for appropriately graded patient information.

I would like to be able to use my experience as both a carer and patient as well as my work experience to make a difference.