Chaplaincy and spiritual care

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides a chaplaincy team to help support patients, relatives, carers and staff with their spiritual needs.

The chaplaincy team is available to help meet these spiritual needs no matter what a person’s faith or belief system may be.

The team can contact religious leaders of other faiths/belief systems if that is requested.

The team, which is made up of chaplains and chaplaincy volunteers, is based at both The James Cook University Hospital and the Friarage Hospital.  The team visits the wards on both sites regularly and welcomes requests for personal visits.  The team is available to listen, talk things over and reassure and if it is requested they can pray with individuals.  The chaplains are available to give blessings, take confession and administer the sacraments if that is requested.

The team is also available to support colleagues who work out in the community and can be contacted through the switchboard of either The James Cook University Hospital or the Friarage Hospital (numbers below).

The team also supports staff on site and can be contacted at any time to listen, talk, advise or counsel. All such meetings are confidential.

The chaplains are available through an on-call roster 24 hours a day seven days a week (please see numbers below).

The chaplaincy team

  • Len Collings – Joint lead
  • Rodney Breckon – Joint lead
  • Lisa Opala
  • Binoy Alexander

The chaplains can be contacted on the following numbers, where non-urgent messages can be left on the voicemail:

  • 01642 854802 (James Cook)
  • 01609 763275 (The Friarage)

If you require a chaplain in an emergency, please dial the hospital switchboard on the number below; ask for ‘operator’, and when connected, ask them to page the on-call chaplain:

  • 01642 850850 (James Cook)
  • 01609 779911 (The Friarage)

And ask them to page the on-call chaplain. Please specify if you require the Roman Catholic chaplain.

Or you can contact the team by email:

Chapel at The James Cook University Hospital

The Chapel of the Good Samaritan, near the north entrance, is open and lit during the day and the night for you, your family and your friends to visit. It’s a special place of peace and quiet, of prayer, stillness and reassurance. It is hoped that people of all faiths and none, will find a tranquil and safe haven.

There is a prayer book on the altar which can be written in at any time and a candle stand should you wish to light a candle in memory of a loved one or as part of your prayers.

Other faiths

There is a Muslim Prayer Room (Masjid)  and wash facility next door to the chapel.  The entrance to this is through the door to the left of the chapel.  The chapel is available for prayer or quiet reflection should you wish. There are quiet rooms and quiet gardens that are available. All facilities are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Service details

Service Time Day
Mass (Roman Catholic)  1pm  Monday
Holy Communion (C of E and Free Church)  1pm  Wednesday
Bedside services Any  Sunday (but can be done anytime)

Chapel at the Friarage Hospital

The Chapel of St Luke is near to the main entrance of the hospital and is open every day for people to go and sit in the peaceful space.  People of all faiths and non are welcome to use the chapel.  The team are available to talk, listen, pray

There is a prayer board where thoughts and reflections may be left.

Bedside Service of Holy Communion can be requested.  One of the chaplains visits the hospital each Sunday to administer the Sacraments to anyone who wishes to receive it.  Holy Communion can also be requested throughout the week.

The Chapel of St Luke is available for Friday prayers each week.

The trust

The chaplaincy team is also a resource for the trust.  They seek to foster spirituality and community within the trust. To be a resource for listening, literature (including bereavement and cultural booklets), training and staff support.  Please contact the team via the relevant switchboard if you need any help or advice.