Hambleton and Richmondshire constituency

The constituency of Hambleton and Richmondshire has four elected governors.

Janet Crampton

As your governor representative, I was privileged to be invited to join the Clinical Steering Group looking into the future of Friarage services where the extent of national shortage of clinicians and the direct impact it has on district hospitals and the range of services they can realistically offer was made clear. I witnessed the dedication of the medical staff to preserve as much as possible of Friarage services whilst also ensuring the highest standards of patient safety and clinical care. I have served on the governing body for seven years already and taken on additional roles in reviewing complaints procedures, increasing membership, representing dementia and the voluntary sector.

Graham Lane

I first became an elected governor at South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2017. I served for a three year term, consistently representing the views and interests of Hambleton and Richmondshire residents. Over the years I have challenged the board and executive officers on many issues. One of my most significant and fulfilling achievements was serving as the patient representative on the project board for the feasibility, design and subsequent build of the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Cancer Centre at the Friarage Hospital. I am chair of the North Yorkshire Haematology Support Group for patients and families living with blood cancer across North Yorkshire and Teesside. I am a volunteer for Macmillan Cancer Support, acting as a local fundraiser and patient support worker. I am married with three grown up children and have lived and worked in the area nearly all my life. I am strongly committed to finding a sustainable future for the NHS in our region and in particular at the Friarage and Friary hospitals.

Sue Young

I have served as a governor for Hambleton and Richmondshire for the past three years.
I'm a very active member the Patient Experience Steering Group – a key working group in the trust recognising the centrality of the patient experience by listening to patients, looking at their feedback and being pivotal in improvements to quality of care.
Working with the STAQC (South Tees Accreditation of Quality and Care) Team I have regularly taken part in local accreditations giving me direct insight into a number of wards and departments both in James Cook and Friarage hospitals.
I have also had the opportunity to raise a number of issues to leaders.
My working background is nursing (now retired) – both in hospitals and the community.

Noel Beal

I have twice been elected to the Council of Governors serving a total of six years. I now seek your vote for another term. Previously I was a ship’s Captain whose skills are transferable into a hospital type environment. Those years as Governor have given me a vast insight into South Tees Hospitals that will enable me to be an asset. South Tees Hospitals is world class – I believe I can help guide the Council of Governors through the coming years.

Bernard, Count von Ullersdorf

I am delighted to be appointed a Governor of an important local institution.

I have been involved in local affairs for many years. I believe in integrity, truth, openness, quality and ‘my word is my bond'.

I have vast experience in senior management as a director.