Anaesthesia and Theatres

Performing more than 40,000 operations a year

Performing more than 40,000 operations a year

Anaesthesia and theatres provides anaesthetic services for patients undergoing surgery across the trust and has managerial responsibility for the operating theatres.

It also provides:

  • Acute and chronic pain services
  • A sleep disorder clinic
  • Medical staffing to the intensive care units
  • Pre-assessment service for adults and paediatrics

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The James Cook University Hospital

Robotic surgery arrives

This site contains a modern central operating suite containing 19 well-equipped theatres, with two recovery areas. This is immediately adjacent to an adult surgical day unit containing a further three theatres and also to the paediatric day unit. Two additional theatres for gynaecology and obstetrics are located in the central delivery suite and two more in the ophthalmology day unit.

The James Cook Hospital is the regional major trauma centre, which means that we treat many serious trauma patients.  We have support of Air Ambulance service.

The hospital is doing state of art robotic surgery for many types of cancers.

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Friarage Hospital

The operating department at the Friarage Hospital consists of a five theatre operating suite with an adjacent theatre in the surgical day unit. The delivery suite also has a dedicated theatre.

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