Our radiotherapy department delivers around 40,000 treatments each year and has a strong national and international reputation as a leading centre in delivery of cutting-edge radiotherapy to provide the best treatments and results for patients.

The department won the Health Service Journal (HSJ) Award for Efficiency in Medical Technology in October 2013 in relation to our pioneering work on Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR). We were one of the first units in the UK to develop a SABR service, and consequently now have one of the most advanced teams in the country.

Leading edge treatment

Endeavour Unit reception

The Endeavour Unit at The James Cook University Hospital is a stand-alone radiotherapy centre housing three of the most advanced linear accelerators – machines used to give radiation treatment to patients.

James Cook is one of the first hospitals in the world to use these £1.5m Elekta Agility linear accelerators which enable staff to give a high dose of radiotherapy to a smaller area and they are extremely accurate which helps reduce side effects.

The radiotherapy department in the main hospital building has been renovated to house a £2.5m TomoTherapy machine – an advanced CT scanner with a high energy x-ray treatment beam that more accurately targets tumours.

These state-of-the-art machines form part of a £35m investment in cancer services at James Cook which has helped to ensure we are among the very best in Europe when it comes to radiotherapy treatment.

What is radiotherapy?

Endeavour unit radiotherapy treatmentRadiotherapy is the treatment of cancer using high energy x-rays generated by electricity or radio-active particles given off by a radio-active source.

Radiotherapy can be used alongside other treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Most of the treatment in this department is given using x-rays; the x rays can also affect normal tissues in the area treated but they will soon recover. A full explanation will be given to you at your consultation.