My Visit

I’ve been referred to the specialist doctor, what will happen at my visit?

When you come to see a specialist in head and neck surgery, the first thing that will happen is you will talk about what you and your GP have noticed, what symptoms and signs you have found.

Then you will be examined. The type of examination will depend on your symptoms.

If any area is painful or uncomfortable to touch, it is OK to let the doctor know this. They will try to be as gentle as possible. The may want to examine other areas of the head and neck aswell as the area that you have noticed is causing a problem.

You will have the area (mouth, nose, throat etc) looked at with a light. You may have a spatula put on your tongue or in your mouth to allow the doctor to see more clearly.

You will have your neck examined by the specialist feeling with their hands. The doctor will usually stand behind you for this and feel both sides of the neck at once.

Other tests include: