Infant Feeding Support

Off to the best start – infant feeding information leaflet (1mb)
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Infant feeding information leaflet – guide to bottle feeding (4mb)
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Breastfeeding out and about

  • Wear layers of clothing i.e. vest top and shirt or cardigan
  • Practice attaching the baby to the breast whilst watching in a mirror (you will be able to see how discreet breastfeeding is)
  • Go out with friends who will give you confidence
  • Look out for breastfeeding welcome venues in your local area

Breastfeeding at night

  • Night feeds are important for your milk supply
  • Keep baby in the same room as you at night
  • Practice feeding your baby lying down
  • Look at the information your midwife or your health visitor gave about safe bed-sharing
  • Ask for help if you need it

Breastfeeding support groups

We have a number of people who will be able to support you in your choice to breastfeed; these include the midwifery and health visiting teams, breastfeeding peer supporters and the infant nutrition team. We welcome pregnant women who would like more information on breastfeeding to all of our groups.

North Yorkshire services

Colburn Children’s Centre
The Broadway,
01609 532595
Breastfeeding support group Every Friday – 10am – 12noon
Northallerton Children’s Centre
c/o Alverton School Site,
Mount Road,
01609 534634
Breastfeeding support drop-in. Every Friday – 10am – 12noon
Thirsk Children’s Centre.
Hambleton Place,
01609 533068
Breastfeeding support group Every Tuesday – 10am – 12noon