Hand Therapy

Our hand therapy team is made up of hand therapists that are qualified physiotherapists and occupational therapists who have become skilled in treating upper limb injuries and deformities through further education, training and clinical experience.

We know hands are special; we all take them for granted as power tools, communication aids, work or hobby equipment and expect them to be there whenever we need them.

So when a hand develops a problem, either immediately through injury or progressively due to an underlying condition, it can potentially limit everything we want to do.

Our hand therapists can help to restore problematic hands to normal function through careful assessment and treatment planning.

Pam Pedersen praises hand therapists

Patient Pam Pedersen using hand therapy equipment

Patient Pam Pedersen using hand therapy equipment

Pam Pedersen joined an innovative hand therapy group and remains under the care of Gary Rigby following a bad wrist break.

The break, which had already caused considerably reduced strength and loss of function in her hand and wrist, also led to her needing surgery for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – a condition that causes tingling and numbness of the hands and fingers.

However, she says the exercises she did under Gary’s guidance as part of a group of six to eight patients saw her condition improve dramatically.

“Gary has so much knowledge and expertise and is also supportive and caring. He is an excellent physiotherapist running a pioneering group demonstrating outstanding and innovative practice, which truly benefits patients.

“He made a bad situation so much better for me and other people in the group also remarked on how impressed they were with their treatment.”

Pam Pedersen