We work with people of any age who have a clinical need for podiatry or nail surgery who have been referred by a GP or healthcare professional. We provide a range of different services including:

Assessment clinics

Your appointment will involve assessment and diagnosis, health education, formulation of a treatment plan and initial treatment..

We aim to provide short courses of treatment and discharge patients where appropriate. We prioritise those at highest risk of limb threatening foot problems.

Following assessment, a course of podiatry treatment or referral to one of our specialist clinics detailed here may follow.

Diabetes and wound clinics

We offer monitoring and treatment of people with and without diabetes.

We mainly see those at high risk, although new diabetes assessments are also seen.

The majority of diabetic foot ulcerations are seen by our staff working within the multidisciplinary team at James Cook University Hospital or Redcar Primary Care Hospital.

We also hold wound clinics at One Life, Middlesbrough and Redcar Primary Care Hospital for those without diabetes.


This service is based within James Cook hospital,  we provide podiatry care, biomechanical assessment, insole and orthotic provision.

Nail surgery

With fast access and a high success rate of 95 – 100%, this service is available in the One Life Centre in Middlesbrough and Redcar Primary Care Hospital.

Following an assessment, you may be offered a nail surgery appointment which offers a permanent solution for many nail problems for suitable patients.

Biomechanical assessment

Following a detailed lower limb assessment, exercises and in-shoe orthotics are used as part of a course of treatment for various foot and leg conditions.

In shoe orthotics

The podiatry department provide casted orthotics and corrective, protective and cushioning insoles for our patients.

We also provide insoles for patients from other services such as musculoskeletal and physiotherapy.

Who do we work with?

We work with people of any age who who have been referred by a GP or healthcare professional and have a clinical need for podiatry, biomechanics or nail surgery .

The team

We are a team of dedicated people currently working at:

  • One Life, Middlesbrough
  • Low Grange Health Village
  • Redcar Primary Care Hospital
  • Guisborough General Hospital

Contact us

One Life 
Floor 2
Linthorpe Road

Appointment booking

When are we available?

Our phone lines are open from 8.45am to 4pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

How to refer?

The podiatry service is available via a referral from a GP or healthcare professional.

Our service is available for people with a clinical need registered with a GP in Middlesbrough or Redcar and Cleveland.

For people with diabetes and an active foot problem

Please refer straight to Diabetes Care Centre at The James Cook University Hospital on 01642 854235.

Please leave a message on the answerphone.

You will need to provides details of the name, contact details of the patient and a description of the foot problem.