What to bring when staying in hospital

If you are staying in one of our hospitals these items may help make your stay more comfortable:

If you bring in larger amounts of money or valuables you are entirely responsible for their safety.

Staying active in hospital

Every little bit of activity helps keep you healthy.

Staying in bed for too long, not getting up and about, and not attempting to do what is normal can mean that you struggle to get back to normal levels of activity when you get home.

It’s really important to carry on doing what you were able to do at home, such as washing and dressing or walking to the bathroom. Staying active improves appetite, sleep, mood, muscle tone and lessen the risk of bed sores and falls.

Ask a family member or friend to bring in your shoes, good fitting slippers, day clothes , working hearing aids, glasses and walking stick or frame.

If you are not sure what you can safely do, please ask a member of the healthcare team.

Smoke free site

Please help us to stay a healthy site and ask your friends and relatives not to smoke when they are visiting you – especially outside the entrances to our buildings. Thank you.

Visiting hospital?

We are urging patients, where they are able and willing, to “get up and dressed to feel your best”.

If you are visiting a friend or relative in hospital please bring them some clean day clothes.

They will also need well-fitting shoes or slippers and any glasses, hearing aids or mobility aids they use.

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