Modified Texture Diet and Fluids

Following an assessment from a speech & language therapist, some care home residents with swallowing problems will be recommended to have a modified texture diet and/ or thickened fluids to ensure they eat and drink as safely as possible. We use the international framework developed by the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative.

Thickened fluids

Thickened fluids are used to slow fluids down. Thickened fluids should only be given following advice from a speech and language therapist or doctor.

Your resident’s care plan should include a clear description of how thick the resident’s fluids should be stating the level and dosage required (eg level 2, 2 scoops of Resource Thicken Up Clear per 200mls).

The ‘thickness’ of the fluids is very important. Thickened fluids are now described using four levels (previously three stages). In this area we mainly use a product called Resource Thicken Up Clear. Click here to see the conversion from the old ‘stages’ to the new IDDSI ‘levels’ for this product.

Other thickening products (such as Thick & Easy, Nutilis Clear, ThickenAid) or nutritional supplements may vary. Please contact the manufacturer for advice on converting from stages to levels.

Mixing instructions can be found by clicking here.

Drink testing methods are also available to ensure the consistency is correct.