Children's Surgery

Paediatric surgical services

Surgical day unit bay

A range of surgical specialties are offered to paediatrics (children under the age of 16) at The  James Cook University Hospital. A small number of paediatric procedures are performed at the Friarage. The NSF (National Service Framework) ensures that this work is undertaken by clinicians with paediatric expertise. Carer involvement is clearly extremely important and the staff work hard to ensure that the children’s experience is as comfortable as possible.

Paediatric surgical day unit

paediatric surgical day unitThe paediatric surgical day unit (PSDU) cares for between 35-50 children having day case operations per week. Children are recovered in either a hospital bed or Parker Knoll Chair, depending on the operation they are having performed. Our aim at The James Cook Hospital is to provide a purpose built day case unit for children and comfortable child friendly environment during their hospital stay. We also have a children’s recovery area so that they can recover in an area designed just for them. We are proud to have achieved this.

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