Children's Hearing

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Megan and Dr Banerjee

Screening tests for babies and children

All babies are offered a hearing screening test at birth. When possible, this is done on the maternity unit before the baby is discharged home or you can have this done at a local centre or clinic. If you are not sure if your baby has had this test please look in your baby’s ‘red book’ or ask your health visitor.

For more information please see: Some babies are offered a second test at eight months of age, usually as they are at slightly higher risk of having a hearing loss developing in the first few months of life. Invite letters will be sent to all babies requiring this test at 7 to 8 months of age (corrected age if a baby is premature).

The next test offered to all children is when they start school. Any babies or children not passing the screening test are referred to their local audiology department for a hearing test.