Bone Conduction Hearing Implant (BCHI) surgery

How is a BCHI fitted?

  • Involves a surgical procedure performed by the ear, nose and throat (ENT) consultant (however, there is a non-surgical option in certain cases).
  • The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic for adults (the patient will be awake and the area is numbed) or general anaesthetic for children (the patient will be asleep).
  • Patients tend to go home on the same day and will be given advice on caring for the abutment site.
  • One week after surgery you will have a review with the surgical team.
  • Three weeks after the procedure the sound processor will be fitted by the audiologist.
  • Ongoing care of the abutment site is provided by the BCHI nurses in ENT.
  • There are three different methods of performing the surgery, the technique used will be determined by a range of factors including age and general health.
  • For all techniques a small area of hair around the implant site is shaved and the area where the implant will be is marked with a pen.

Please see this leaflet for further information on the different surgical techniques.