Benefits Advice

People affected by cancer including their carers are often concerned about financial problems due to reduced income and increased costs such as travelling expenses and extra heating.

Macmillan Support James Cook

Our benefits adviser can help by working out the financial help you may be entitled to. The adviser has specialist knowledge of benefits, tax credits and grants.

Ongoing advice can be offered if you need this. We can also make referrals to specialist housing and employment advisers.

Our benefits adviser can:

  • Help with debt problems
  • Help with means tested and non means tested benefits eg benefits for carers and disability benefits
  • Help to complete forms and apply for benefits
  • Help with representation at tribunal and appeals
  • Negotiate with lenders/reschedule repayments
  • Advise on arrears which may have accrued for rent, council tax, fuel etc
  • Explain statutory sick pay and employment pay entitlements
  • Help with employment problems such as time off work and returning to work
  • Make referrals for independent financial advice
  • Help with Blue Badge applications