Ward 14

Ward 14 is where we provide care for patients that need to stay with us overnight, and for extended spells.

Bev Rodgers Ward 14

We mainly care for patients with cancer diagnoses, but also for patients with other conditions such as rheumatological conditions. The ward is staffed by our dedicated nursing team and led by ward manager Beverley Rodgers.

In 2013 Ward 14 was awarded The Nightingale Award  after receiving nominations from a patient’s relative and our senior nurse.  The Nightingale Awards recognise the important contribution nursing and midwifery makes to patients and their families on a day-to-day basis. The theme was “caring with compassion and dignity”.

The ward was also awarded the MacMillan Environmental Quality Mark in January 2014 which recognises suitability and quality of environment for care provision in patients with cancer diagnoses. We are very proud of our unit and the facilities we are able to provide for our patients, many of which are described below.

Each day a registered nurse and health care assistant will be responsible for your care.  They will introduce themselves at the start of their shift.  Their names will be displayed at the entrance to your room.

We pride ourselves on our standards of infection control and on reducing healthcare associated infections.  A great deal of work has already taken place in reducing infection rates and we have a detailed action plan which addresses hand hygiene, uniform policy, screening and training.  If you have any questions relating to this please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.


  • The family suite – we have a bespoke and dedicate area where relatives can stay with some of our patients
  • Our bays are 5-bedded and have dining facilities and a toilet and shower per bay
  • Our side wards have en suite shower and toilet facilities
  • Outdoor courtyard garden
  • Jacuzzi bath
  • Relatives quiet room
  • Provision of holistic therapies for patients
  • Provision of bedside TV for patients funded through ward charitable fund
  • Snack trolley

What do I need to bring into hospital with me?

  • Please ensure that all medicines and tablets that you are taking are brought into the ward.  This is very important as the doctor will need to see them.  If you hold a special card giving details of any current treatment such as steroids, warfarin etc then please show this to the doctor.  When you bring your medications into hospital with you the ward will continue to use your supply so it is important that they are in the original containers and not just a strip of tablets.  Please remember any inhalers, creams, eye drops etc should also be brought in.  We will use your own medication whilst you are on the ward and ensure that you receive an adequate supply on discharge.  If you routinely take any complementary medicines or medicines purchased directly from the chemist it is important that you let the doctor know.
  • Two sets of nightwear
  • Well-fitting and supportive slippers to reduce the number of falls due to inadequate footwear.
  • Toiletries
  • We would advise you to leave any valuable at home and bring in a small amount of money for newspapers etc.  If you bring in large amounts of valuables or money you are entirely responsible for their safety.  If this is unavoidable there is a locked cupboard at each bedside which can be set with a code of your choice.  Please ask a member of staff how to do this.
  • If you are receiving chemotherapy please bring your chemotherapy record.
  • If you wish to bring a hair dryer/electic shaver please let a member of staff know upon arrival and we will arrange for a hospital engineer to check it before use for health and safety purposes.


Families and friends are welcome to visit loved ones on ward 14 between the hours of 3pm and 8pm. We pride ourselves on standards of infection control and would kindly ask the following of visitors:

  • Please use the alcohol gel when entering and leaving the ward.  This is located at the ward entrance.
  • The trust has implemented the National Patient Safety Agency 5 moments for hand hygiene which encourages staff to clean their hands at the point of care.  If you are not sure if a member of staff has washed their hands please ask them (they will not be offended).
  • If visitors have symptoms of an infection such as diarrhoea and vomiting we would ask that where possible they do not visit until signs of the infection have passed.

Donations – Ward 14 Cancer Care Fund

The ward has its own charitable fund as part of the South Tees Hospitals Charity.

The Ward 14 Cancer Care Fund is used to provide additional extras for our patients that goes over and above standard NHS funding. We use the fund to provide bedside TV, snacks, and holistic therapies for our patients, and have used kind donations to enhance the patient environment and experience in building the family suite to provide better facilities for patient families. All donations are warmly received – please contact the ward if you want to find out more about the fund.