Bereavement midwife

We understand that pregnancy loss can be an overwhelming and very upsetting experience.

Here at The James Cook University Hospital we have a team of midwives and support workers who will provide you with information and help support you through this difficult time.

Our bereavement midwife works with families. She provides both immediate and long term, individualised care, advice, guidance and support to families.

Our bereavement support worker, works alongside our bereavement midwife and supports families with practical requirements following a loss such as registering the death and funeral arrangements.

If you experience a loss during pregnancy and attend delivery suite to deliver your baby, your care will be provided by one of our midwives.

Our midwives will provide sensitive care and emotional support during your stay. If you wish to, they can support you to spend time with your baby and make memories such as: dressing your baby, taking photographs and hand and foot prints.

Billy’s Room Infinity Suite

If you chose to, you can spend time with your baby in Billy’s Room Infinity Suite. This is a calm and comfortable room located away from the central delivery suite.

The private room features a comfy bed, ensuite bathroom facilities and a kitchen area. The room opened in December 2019, following fundraising efforts by the family of Billy Daniel Jones and the Teesside community.

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