Clinical Research

“Striving to provide the best care and treatment in Ophthalmology, based on evidence from credible research”

Meet the team



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Mr Sridhar Manvikar (Consultant)

”I am interested in research related to treatment of both dry and wet macular degeneration , retinal vascular disorders including diabetic retinopathy. Presently, I am actively involved in trials related to wet macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. I have extensive experience in researching with different types of  Intraocular lens materials which are implanted  after cataract surgery. I am looking forward to be involved with research into the use of intraocular telescopic lenses for patients with advanced macular degeneration”

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Miss Daniella Vaideanu-Collins (Consultant)


Other team members

  • Cath Williamson (Trial coordinator)
  • Shenay Yousif (Research nurse)
  • Cate Laven (Cross speciality research nurse)
  • Janet English (Optometrist)
  • Christian Reily (Optometrist)
  • Gary McMullen (Optometrist)
  • Neda Qurashi (Orthoptist / refraction and VA assessor)
  • Kay Henderson (Senior ophthalmic science practitioner)
  • Michaela Dickinson (Ophthalmic science practitioner)
  • Gemma Kimberley (Ophthalmic science practitioner)
  • Eileen Trueman (Eye day unit manager)