Support, Training and Education

Support for the primary care sector

We provide treatment planning, advice, follow up and support to general dental practitioners or community dental officers carrying out orthodontics within primary dental care.

We advise or re-direct those cases that are more appropriately treated by the specialist in primary dental care.

Education and training

The department is responsible for the clinical training of future specialists. Specialist registrars work in the department under the supervision of the consultants. We also train local dental surgeons with an interest in orthodontics to Trust Grade Dental Surgeon (in Orthodontics) level of competency.

Audit and research

The department is involved in local, regional and national audit projects.

The specialist registrars, as part of their training, complete Master’s degrees and the research elements are supported and facilitated by the department.

Specialist training

The orthodontic department normally has two trainees working towards specialist qualification and two post specialist qualified trainees working towards achieving consultant status.