Psychology service for children and young people accessing the paediatric diabetes team

The psychologist in the diabetes team can help with:

  • difficulties adjusting to the diagnosis of diabetes
  • dealing with diabetes day-to-day is beginning to feel too much
  • making the decision about one mode of treatment or another
  • behaviour management issues
  • worries about school
  • difficulties with peer or family relationships
  • self-confidence
  • body image worries
  • parental worries
  • anxiety or depression linked to health problems e.g. being in hospital or having treatment

Dr Shelley Boddy also meets families around the time of diagnosis to introduce the role of clinical psychology. If needed, we offer a ‘psychosocial’ assessment to help identify any support that families may need.


Dr Shelley Boddy offers her services at James Cook, Middlesbrough & Friarage Hospital, Northallerton.

How you can access the service

If you would like to speak to the paediatric diabetes psychologist, please ask a member of the diabetes team on 0164285460 who will put you in touch with us. Or you can contact the psychology team directly on 01642 828708

If you have other family members (brothers or sisters) and carers who are struggling to cope with the impact of a family member with diabetes please talk to us and we will offer our support.